Immigration System Of USA Explained

For many people, the United States immigration law happens to be pretty complex, and there is a lot of confusion as to how this particular law takes effect. It is the immigration and the naturalization act, which happens to be governing the entire immigration policy of the United States alone. This policy provides for certain limits to the immigration, which is at 675,000 immigrants that are permanent in nature, with a few exceptions for family members. The lawful residency permit allows for a foreign national to be able to work as well is more fully the side in the United States permanently. They are eligible to apply for all types of jobs, particularly jobs that are not restricted for the United States citizens. They will also be able to remain in the country for as long as they want without any kind of employment. Every year, there are also a lot of people that come into the United States alone and are kept by the state on a temporary basis.


Immigration based on family

The human right governs this particular immigration policy, which is the unification of the family. This way, the people that have already been naturalized in the United States will have the privilege of bringing certain family members into the country. This is basically done through the family preferences system.

Immigration based on employment

There are two criteria for immigrants to become a permanent or temporary United States citizen, and that is dependent upon the valuable skills that they have this could help the country to progress.

There are temporary Visa immigration policies whereby employers will be able to hire as well as petition various foreign nationals for different jobs for a very specific time-frame. These temporary workers should be able to work for the employer and they would have limited ability in order to change any kind of jobs.

Permanent immigration for employees happens to be restricted at 140,000 people every year. This number will also include the immigrants as well as all their eligible spouses and unmarried children.

Becoming a US citizen

In order for a citizen to qualify for the US citizenship, particularly through the naturalization process, they would need to obtain the LPR status, which is also known as the Green card. For that to happen, they would need to stay for at least five years, or three years in case he or she happens to obtain the Green card through becoming the spouse of a United States citizen, or even through the violence against women act. There are also a variety of exceptions, most particularly for the members of the United States military that has served a certain period of time in the war or during hostilities. However, the applicants for the United States citizenship should have people over the age of 18, have demonstrated a continuous residency in the country, and must not have any kind of criminal records. They need to have sufficient funds to pay for the application fees amongst all the other requirements.

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